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Mac OS X Leopard

October 27th, 2007

Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X Leopard

Dave Winer:

“There isn’t much you can do, after the Mac has been around for 23 years, that hasn’t already been done.”

John Gruber:

‘The most significant new feature in Leopard is Time Machine.’

Jason Snell:

“As with every OS X update since version 10.1, there’s no single feature in Leopard that will force Mac users to upgrade immediately. Instead, it’s the sheer deluge of new features that’s likely to persuade most active Mac users to upgrade, especially since this is the longest gap between OS X upgrades — two and a half years — since the product was introduced.”

Leo Laporte:

“Leopard is not a revolutionary release – I wouldn’t expect it to be, it’s a mature operating system – but it is easily the best OS X ever, the culmination of a decade of UI research and OS refinement.”

Andy Ihnatko:

“No matter how you work the numbers, though, it’s pretty clear that Apple has yet again crammed way more than $129 worth of value into its latest OS update.”

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